Tokyo Smart City Design at Shinagawa

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Barnum, Christopher L.
Bolden, Willie M.
Colburn, Ryan L.
O-charoen, Natcha
Pedrick, David J.
Starbuck, Zachary W.
Zhen, Shuhui
Baldwin, Ashley S.
Bernard, Violet F.
Blumenthal, Danielle L.
Dhurkunde, Akhilesh V.
Doyle, George P.
Dunham, Andrew
Kokitkar, Bhaswini B.
Kroi, Eleni
Peng, Cynthia
Sisson, Danielle M.
Slep, Hannah L.
Wang, Jun
Watson, Alexandra D.
Zahin, Sanjana
Yang, Perry Pei-Ju
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The Tokyo smart city project is an international collaboration from 2016 to 2020 between the Eco Urban Lab of School of City and Regional Planning and School of Architecture at Georgia Tech, Global Carbon Project (GCP), the National Institute for Environmental Studies of Japan, and the Department of Urban Engineering of the University of Tokyo. Tokyo provides a living urban laboratory for designing complex urban settings, agglomerations of physical, cultural and technological systems. The Tokyo Smart City Studio in Spring 2020 investigates Shinagawa and its surroundings at the Tokyo Bay waterfront area in the context of new maglev high speed rail station area development, one of the biggest urban development projects in the City of Tokyo of the next decade. The operation of the new high-speed maglev rail station from 2030 will make Shinagawa a 70-70 new gateway, 70 minutes from Tokyo to Osaka for a region with 70 million population. The new infrastructure will compress the concept of space and time, and will change the inter-cities relation. Its future city vision will have profound impact to the urban forms, functions and experiences of the city. The project aims to develop a test bed of urban systems design to demonstrate how a smart community is designed, evaluated, and implemented in Japan by incorporating governmental agencies, stakeholders and communities, with focuses on urban design and modeling, urban analytics of big data, Internet of Things (IoT), smart mobility and eco urban performance evaluation.
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