Building thermoregulation based on the adaptive building envelope

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Zeng, Zhaoyun
Augenbroe, Godfried
Brown, Jason
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In contrast to the traditional building envelope, which tries to block the thermal and mass exchange between the indoor and outdoor environments as much as possible, the adaptive building envelope (ABE) can admit the favorable environmental factors while block the adverse ones to reduce the building load as well as improve the thermal and visual comfort of the occupants. This thesis is intended to facilitate the research of ABE by (1) Clarifying the definition of ABE and offer conceptualizations that are important to the research. (2) Investigating the energy saving potential of ABE technologies by associating these technologies with four weather variables. The results of this investigation can be used in the selection of ABE technologies. (3) Summarizing the existing modelling methods for ABE technologies. If the modelling methods for certain ABE technologies do not exist, they will be developed in this thesis. (4) Reviewing and categorizing the optimization approaches adopted in previous studies on ABE. Recommendations are also made for choosing the appropriate optimization approaches in different application scenarios. (5) Developing a generic optimization framework for ABE that can guide the formulation of optimization problems in different application scenarios. (6) Conducting three application studies that can enrich the optimization framework and serve as paradigms for using the optimization framework in different application scenarios.
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