Open challenges in shape and animation processing

Jarek Rossignac (IC, http://www.gvu.gatech.edu/~jarek/) will present an overview of his recent research activities (with collaborators and students) and open challenges in shape and animation processing. These include: - SOT: Compact representation of tetrahedral meshes - J-splines: C^4 subdivision curves, surfaces, and animation - SAM: Steady interpolating affine motion - OCTOR: Exceptions in steady patterns - Pearling: Realtime segmentation of tubular structures in images and 3D medical scans - Surgem: Heart surgery planning and optimization based on blood flow simulation - APL: Aquatic Propulsion Lab, tools for designing and simulating swimming strategies - Ball map: Tangent-ball correspondence and compatibility between pairs of shapes - Ball-morph: Interpolation and applications to entertainment and medical surface reconstruction.
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52:03 minutes
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