Knowledge Practices in Workplaces (KP-Lab) -Change Laboratory (CL) - An Intervention Method for Systemically Developing Work Practices in the Rich Internet Application

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Rantakari, Ali
Raček, Michal
Höynälänmaa, Mikko
Markkanen, Hannu
Hiltunen, Johanna
Schrey-Niemenmaa, Katriina
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This paper takes a look how the university created knowledge and practices at the KP-lab are applicable to the business sector. The constantly evolving information technologies and accelerated spreading of World Wide Web has brought new opportunities to the learning process. As a consequence, the process of knowledge gathering has been relocated to the different e-learning environments. Some of them are able to support a kind of interactive communication between tutor and a trainee [1, 2]. However, such tools do not support neither the information nor the observation gathering during the learning process, or the knowledge gathering which might in return result as a faster problem solving. On the basis of these assumptions, Change Laboratory (CL) is an option for information/observation gathering. With suitable interface it does not only gather information and data from the learning process but it is able to support development of new practices in the process of task solving too. The advantage of such approach is that these practices can either be developed by individuals or collaboratively in a group. Also, these can be further used in other sessions and in new methods. Thus, knowledge and practices contribute to the community in a developmental cycle.
Distance Learning and Professional Education ; International Association for Continuing Engineering Education
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