Analysis of regenerative braking in electric machines

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Samba Murthy, Aravind
Taylor, David G.
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All electric machines have two mechanical operations, motoring and braking. The nature of braking can be regenerative, where the kinetic energy of the rotor is converted into electricity and sent back to the power source or non-regenerative, where the source supplies electric power to provide braking. This thesis investigates several critical issues related to regenerative braking in both DC and AC electric machines, including the determination of boundaries in the torque-speed plane defining the regenerative braking capability region and the evaluation of operating points within that capability region that result in maximum regenerative braking recharge current. Electric machines are used in the powertrains of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles to provide motoring or braking torque in response to the driver's request and power management logic. Since such vehicles carry a limited amount of electrical energy on-board their energy storage systems (such as a battery pack), it is important to conserve as much electrical energy as possible in order to increase the range of travel. Therefore, the concept of regenerative braking is of importance for such vehicles since operating in this mode during a braking event sends power back to the energy storage system thereby replenishing its energy level. Since the electric machine assists the mechanical friction braking system of the vehicle, it results in reduced wear on components within the mechanical friction brake system. As both mechanical friction braking and electric machine braking are used to provide the requested vehicle braking torque, braking strategies which relate to splitting of the braking command between the two braking mechanisms are discussed. The reduction in energy consumption of a test vehicle along different driving schedules while using different braking strategies is also studied.
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