Model-based design and specification of a hybrid electric Chevrolet Camaro for the EcoCAR 3 competition

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Cox, Jonathan Douglas
Leamy, Michael J.
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Georgia Tech has the privilege of competing in EcoCAR 3, a four-year competition in which 16 universities are given a stock 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and work to transform it into a hybrid electric sports car. In this thesis, an overview of the first two years of the author’s work on the team as the Engineering Manager, the graduate student overseeing all vehicle engineering work, will be detailed. The competition will be introduced and described before a discussion on vehicle electrification and the various ways it has been achieved by manufacturers and competition teams. Next, the design of the Georgia Tech vehicle will be presented with a focus on powertrain and supporting component selection. The vehicle model underlying many of these decisions will then be discussed in detail, showing how the team used Simulink and Engineering Equation Solver to effectively predict vehicle performance, emissions, energy consumption, and cooling needs. Building on this, the controls design process known as model/software/hardware in the loop will be discussed in the context of the Georgia Tech team’s use of this process. Finally, a progress update will be given, including photos of the team vehicle in current build state weeks before the Year 2 Competition.
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