Physical layer solutions for ultra-broadband wireless communications in the terahertz band

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Han, Chong
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In recent years, the wireless data traffic grew exponentially, which was further accompanied by an increasing demand for higher data rates. Towards this aim, Terahertz band (0.1-10 THz) communication is envisioned as one of the key wireless technologies of the next decade. The THz band will help to overcome the spectrum scarcity problems and capacity limitations of current wireless networks, by providing an unprecedentedly large bandwidth. In addition, THz band communication will enable a plethora of long-awaited applications ranging from instantaneous massive data transfer among nearby devices in ultra-high-speed wireless personal and local area networks, to ultra-high-definition content streaming over mobile devices in 5G and beyond small cells. The objective of the thesis is to establish the physical layer foundations of the ultra- broadband communication in the THz band. First, a unified multi-path propagation channel is modeled in the THz band, based on ray-tracing techniques. The wideband characterization are analyzed, which include the distance-varying spectral windows, the delay spread, the wideband capacity and the temporal broadening effects. Second, a multi-wideband waveform design for the THz band is proposed to improve the distance and support ultra- high-speed transmissions. Third, two algorithms for timing acquisition in the pulse-based wireless systems are developed, namely the low-sampling-rate (LSR) algorithm, and the maximum likelihood (ML)-based approach. Fourth, the distance-aware bandwidth resource allocation schemes for the single-user and multi-user THz band networks are developed. Fifth, a three-dimensional (3-D) end-to-end model is developed and characterized, which includes the responses of the graphene-based reflectarray antenna and the 3-D multi-path propagation. The provided physical layer analysis in this thesis lays out the foundation for reliable and efficient ultra-high-speed wireless communications in the THz band.
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