Climate Change and Global Energy Security: Debate and Book Signing

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Brown, Marilyn A.
Sovacool, Benjamin K.
Curry, Judith A.
McGrath, Robert T.
Norton, Bryan G.
Orlando, Thomas M.
Deitchman, Benjamin
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Four faculty at Georgia Tech participated in a debate focusing on the theses of the newly published textbook (Climate Change and Global Energy Security) coauthored by Marilyn Brown (Georgia Tech) and Benjamin Sovacool (Vermont Law School). The book submits that our world already has most of the sustainable energy technologies it needs to do this, but it faces a system of reinforcing barriers that support incumbent technologies, handicap innovation, and prevent change.
Tackling climate change and improving energy security are two of the twenty-first century's greatest challenges. In this book, Marilyn Brown and Benjamin Sovacool offer detailed assessments of the most advanced commercially available technologies for strengthening global energy security, mitigating the effects of climate change, and enhancing resilience through adaptation and geo-engineering. They also evaluate the barriers to the deployment of these technologies and critically review public policy options crucial to their adoption.Arguing that society has most of the technologies necessary for the task, Brown and Sovacool discuss an array of options available today. They offer 8 case studies from around the world that document successful approaches to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and improving energy security. Brown and Sovacool argue that meeting the twin challenges of climate change and energy security will allow us to provide energy, maintain economic growth, and preserve the natural environment–without forcing tradeoffs among them.
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