Competency Matrix Design and Evaluation of Crisis Informatics Solutions for Transportation Authorities

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Bermeo, Mathias
Taylor, John E.
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The development of technologies such as AI and ML has contributed to the growth in interdisciplinary collaboration to address significant social and engineering challenges. The rise of crisis informatics and the utilization of social media data sources has permitted the development of models, methods, and theories around crisis communication. The motivation behind crisis informatics is to protect society with tools to improve emergency response during times of crisis. Crisis informatics can be applied on a large scale where events such as infrastructure collapse, earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes among others. But can also be targeted towards specific networks such as the road network for a transportation authority. Solutions for this type of event have been developed in industry and academia with different focuses and capabilities. These solutions can be integrated into the public through public procurement of IT software technologies. In this thesis, a competency matrix was designed from the study of state-of-the-art technology in crisis informatics and the status of public procurement for IT software. The competency matrix was used to evaluate the different capabilities among the studied solutions. The three proposed solutions showed different capabilities and brought positive aspects to tackle the problem. However, it is the differences among them and their alignment with the client’s needs and goals that will determine the optimal solution.
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