Integrating Design and Manufacturing for the High Speed Civil Transport

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Marx, William J.
Mavris, Dimitri N.
Schrage, Daniel P.
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The aerospace industry is currently addressing the problem of integrating design and manufacturing. Because of the difficulties associated with using conventional, procedural techniques and algorithms, it is the authors' belief that the only feasible way to integrate the two concepts is with the development of an appropriate Knowledge-Based System (KBS). The authors propose a methodology for an aircraft producibility assessment, including a KBS, that addresses both procedural and heuristic aspects of integrating design and manufacturing of a High Speed Civil Transport (HSCT) wing. The HSCT was chosen as the focus of this investigation since it is a current NASA/aerospace industry initiative full of technological challenges involving many disciplines. The paper gives a brief background of selected previous supersonic transport studies followed by descriptions of key relevant design and manufacturing methodologies. Georgia Tech's Concurrent Engineering / Integrated Product and Process Development methodology is discussed with reference to this proposed conceptual producibility assessment. Evaluation criteria are presented that relate pertinent product and process parameters to overall product producibility. In addition, the authors' integration methodology and reasons for selecting a KBS to integrate design and manufacturing are presented in this paper. Finally, a proposed KBS is given, as well as statements of future work and overall investigation objectives.
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