Analysis of Vibration of 2-D Periodic Cellular Structures

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Jeong, Sang Min
Ruzzene, Massimo
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The vibration of and wave propagation in periodic cellular structures are analyzed. Cellular structures exhibit a number of desirable multifunctional properties, which make them attractive in a variety of engineering applications. These include ultra-light structures, thermal and acoustic insulators, and impact amelioration systems, among others. Cellular structures with deterministic architecture can be considered as example of periodic structures. Periodic structures feature unique wave propagation characteristics, whereby elastic waves propagate only in specific frequency bands, known as "pass band", while they are attenuated in all other frequency bands, known as "stop bands". Such dynamic properties are here exploited to provide cellular structures with the capability of behaving as directional, pass-band mechanical filters, thus complementing their well documented multifunctional characteristics. This work presents a methodology for the analysis of the dynamic behavior of periodic cellular structures, which allows the evaluation of location and spectral width of propagation and attenuation regions. The filtering characteristics are tested and demonstrated for structures of various geometry and topology, including cylindrical grid-like structures, Kagom and eacute; and tetrhedral truss core lattices. Experimental investigations is done on a 2-D lattice manufactured out of aluminum. The complete wave field of the specimen at various frequencies is measured using a Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer (SLDV). Experimental results show good agreement with the methodology and computational tools developed in this work. The results demonstrate how wave propagation characteristics are defined by cell geometry and configuration. Numerical and experimental results show the potential of periodic cellular structures as mechanical filters and/or isolators of vibrations.
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