Stormflow and baseflow concentrations and yields of total nitrogen for watersheds in Gwinnett County, Georgia

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Landers, Mark N.
Ankcorn, Paul D.
Hatcher, Kathryn J.
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One challenge accompanying rapid de-velopment in the Metropolitan Atlanta area is to protect stream resources for drinking water supplies, recrea-tional opportunities, and ecosystems. Monitoring of streams is critical to informed watershed management that will protect stream resources. Long-term monitor-ing using consistent methods is essential to measure stream-quality status and trends and to evaluate devel-opment impacts and watershed management effective-ness. Results from an ongoing monitoring program in six watersheds of Gwinnett County, Georgia, have been used to compute and to delineate the baseflow and stormflow components of watershed load and yield for selected constituents. Gwinnett County lies in northeastern Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, and is one of the most rapidly developing counties in the United States. The water-shed-monitoring network for Gwinnett County was designed in 1996. The six monitoring watersheds shown in Figure 1 were selected based on size, land use, parent basin, and suitability for instrumentation and measurement. Stream gages were constructed to continuously monitor stage, streamflow, and precipita-tion; to collect periodic water-quality samples; and to transmit data via satellite. At each site, three storm composite samples and three dry weather samples are collected every 6 months. Discharge measurements also are routinely made to define a stage-discharge relation at each site. This report includes data collected through September 2001.
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