Design of the Hosted Software Application for the VISORS Mission

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Arunkumar, Ebenezer
Lightsey, E. Glenn
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The VIrtual Super Optics Reconfigurable Swarm (VISORS) mission is a distributed telescope system consisting of two 6U CubeSats that utilize precision formation flying to detect and study the fundamental energy release regions of the solar corona. The inherent complexities and risks associated with two spacecraft operating in close proximity, as well as the unique restrictions of the spacecrafts’ design, make careful autonomous execution crucial to the success of the mission. To address these challenges, this paper outlines the development of the Hosted Software Application (HSA) flight software which manages the Guidance, Navigation, and Control algorithms, the payload finite state machine, and the spacecraft and formation level fault management system. An overview of the HSA provides context for the motivation and requirements driving the design of the flight software system. The architecture of the HSA is presented and shown to be derived from the Mission Events Timeline (MET) for each of the relevant phases of the mission. Finally, a brief outline of the implementation and testing of the software is discussed.
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