Mynatt, Elizabeth D.

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    STRAP: A Structured Analysis Framework for Privacy
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005) Jensen, Carlos ; Tullio, Joseph ; Potts, Colin ; Mynatt, Elizabeth D.
    Privacy is an important concern for users, and a difficult design challenge. Different user populations have different requirements and expectations when it comes to privacy; thus finding universally acceptable solutions is far from trivial. Design guidelines have been available for a number of years, but often fail to address the dynamic and impromptu nature of privacy management. These methods also fail to provide a robust and replicable procedure for identifying potential problems, leaving the design process more in the realm of art than science. We identify general requirements for privacy-aware design and review how existing methods and guidelines meet these requirements. We then introduce a light-weight method adapted from the requirements engineering literature for the structured analysis of privacy vulnerabilities in design and the iterative adaptation of preferences. We present a study of this method on a predictive group calendar system.
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    Dynamic Door Displays
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000) Nguyen, David H. ; Tullio, Joseph ; Drewes, Tom ; Mynatt, Elizabeth D.
    Traditionally, office doors have been used as display surfaces for communicating a variety of information between door owners and visitors. While flexible, doors also burden their owners with the task of maintenance and do not support notions of public and private information. In this paper we introduce the Dynamic Door Display, a tool for enhancing an office door's display capabilities to include automatic updates and tailored displays of private information for particular visitors. This work is based on an initial qualitative study of personalized location-specific information.