Mynatt, Elizabeth D.

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    Privacy Mirrors: Understanding and Shaping Socio-technical Ubiquitous Computing Systems
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002) Nguyen, David H. ; Mynatt, Elizabeth D.
    Privacy is a known issue in ubiquitous computing, exasperated by an oft-cited feature of ubiquitous computing - invisibility. Dangers of invisible computing are interfaces that do not give people the needed tools of awareness and control to understand and shape the behavior of the system. By definition, ubiquitous computing systems are socio-technical, encompassing three environments: social, technical, and physical. We argue that addressing or presenting solutions in any one environment alone cannot solve the privacy issue in ubiquitous computing. Privacy is addressed best by giving users methods, mechanisms, and interfaces to understand and then shape the system in all three environments. We introduce Privacy Mirrors, a framework for designing socio-technical ubiquitous computing systems that will integrate into people's on-going needs, practices, values, and aesthetic sensibilities.
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    Dynamic Door Displays
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000) Nguyen, David H. ; Tullio, Joseph ; Drewes, Tom ; Mynatt, Elizabeth D.
    Traditionally, office doors have been used as display surfaces for communicating a variety of information between door owners and visitors. While flexible, doors also burden their owners with the task of maintenance and do not support notions of public and private information. In this paper we introduce the Dynamic Door Display, a tool for enhancing an office door's display capabilities to include automatic updates and tailored displays of private information for particular visitors. This work is based on an initial qualitative study of personalized location-specific information.