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    Crime Index VS. Average Years of Education
    (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-04) Rathie, Meghan ; Sipos, Ilinca ; Ahuja, Avi
    The relationship between a country’s crime index and education level is an important thing for policy makers to study because it can help make a city or country a safer place for the citizens. There are other variables that may affect crime index, but the original study began with the belief that the higher a country’s education level, the lower the crime index. After research, we found that the original hypothesis was true. We added five more variables that we believed would have a significant impact on crime index to make a multiple regression model. In general, these variables behaved in the same way we had hypothesized, with a few exceptions. To try to find the best model, we ran several t-­‐tests and f-­‐ tests to eliminate insignificant variables and see which variables had the most significant effect on crime index