April 24, 2003



PRESENT: Fisk (PSYCH), Green (MATH), Hertling (ECE), Khan (ARCH), McIver (REG), Parsons (MGT), Rogers (PUBP-for Bostrom) Venkateswaran (COC), Will (CEE)


VISITORS: Cunnold (EAS), Elliott (COA), Rahnema (NRE/HP)



1.      The minutes of the March 27, 2003 meeting were approved electronically.


2.       A motion was made to approve the petition sub-committee’s report.  The motion was seconded and approved. Unanimous.


3.       The SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY and the COLLEGE OF ARCHITECHTURE requested the approval of the following new cross-listed course.  A motion was made to approve the request.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.



CP 6760 and PUBP 6760  Negotiation, Facilitation and Conflict Mgt  (3-0-3)


4.       The Certificate program in Nanoscience and Technology was tabled.


5.       The SCHOOLS OF CHEMISTRY AND BIOCHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY, BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, COMPUTING AND MATHEMATICS requested the approval of the Doctor of Philosophy in Bioinformatics.  A motion was made to approve the request.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


6.       The SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING requested the approval of curriculum changes for the MS in Nuclear Engineering.  These changes were requested to allow the degree to be completed in one year.  A motion was made to approve the changes.  The motion was seconded and approved.  Unanimous.


MS Curriculum in Nuclear Engineeringa,b





NRE6101 Transport Fund.       (3)

NRE6102  Plasma Physics      (3)

NRE6401  Adv. Designd          (3)

NRE6756  Radiation Phys.      (3)

NRE6201  Reactor Physics     (3)

Elective                                  (3)

Electives                                   (6)

Elective                                   (3c)



Thesis                                      (3)

Thesis                                       (6)





a A minimum of 12 credit hours for thesis option or 15 credit hours for non-thesis option of NRE courses are required. A minimum of three credit hours of math is required.

b Students without an undergraduate course in reactor engineering must take NRE4214.  MATH4581 is also recommended for students who have not had a course in pde’s and Laplace transforms.  NRE4214 and MATH4581 will not count towards the MS course requirements.

c (6) for non-thesis option.

d Not required for thesis-option students


7.       Chairman Green said that he would set up a meeting to discuss program reviews.  A one page report would be requested on each review. 


8.       The Committee heard 2 appeals and reviewed 25 petitions, covering 30 actions.  All were approved unless noted:


8-to use credit/courses taken as special student count toward degree (1 denied)

10-to remove course/withdraw past deadline (2 denied)

3-to change basis of course (3 denied)

2-to change standing to full graduate

2-to be readmitted summer 2003

1-to graduate with low gpa (denied)

1-to waive 7-year rule

1-to waive 2 of required fulltime enrollment semesters

1-to grant permission to submit late petition for graduation (denied)

1-to register for course late spring 2003 (denied)






M. Jo McIver