Student Regulations Committee

2002-2003 Annual Report



The members of the Committee were: L. Barajas (G Student); R. Barke (PUBPOL); K. Boyd (Ex. Board Liason); P. Benkeser (BME), Chair; E.K. Barefield (CHEM); T. Habetler (ECE); L. Jacobs (CEE); K. Longshore (UG Student); J. McIver (Registrar); J. Smith (UG Student); B. Walker (LIB); and L. Wilcox (Student Affairs).


The Committee met three times during the year.  The Committee’s agenda included the following topics:


  1. Modifications to the Student Conduct Code
  2. Consideration of new religious observance policy
  3. Review of class absence excuse policy and procedures
  4. Rules change regarding re-exams
  5. Revisions to the Rules and Regulations pertaining to disciplinary suspensions and concurrent registration
  6. Rules/policy concerning excused absences
  7. Establishment of a time limit for initiating grade appeals



The Committee’s recommendation on agenda item #7 will be an action item for the 2003-2004 Academic Senate.