Student Activities Committee

2003-2004 SGA Budget Review Minutes
( April 24, 2003)


Present: Jude Leblanc (Faculty Member), Tom Morley (Faculty Member), Andrew Keen (SGA representative), Jennifer Smith (SGA representative)


Guests: Chris Webb (SGA Joint Finance Chair)


Chris gave an overview of this year’s Student Activity Budget

They are assuming an $8 increase in Student Activity fees – waiting on BOR approval

Cut Yellow Jacket Flying Club request from the budget because they are not in compliance with SGA organization policies, although coming into compliance

They cut some organization budgets due to the organization actually making money and therefore not needing as much from SGA

This year greeks, religious organizations, and political organizations could submit budget requests resulting in more budget requests, plus SAC requested many new salaries due to the CRC expansion


They made $600,000 in cuts this year

91 organizations submitted budget requests


Jennifer moved and Jude seconded the motion to approve the 2003-2004 Student Activity Budget.


Unanimously approved