Library Subcommittee, Academic Services Committee

Minutes of spring 2003 meeting, 3/11/03


Attending: Carol Colatrella (IAC), Colin Potts (CoC), John Papastavridis (CoE), Mark Kindl (GTRI), Rich Meyer (Dean of the Libraries), Mark Hay (CoS)


Not attending: Nancey Green Leigh (CoA), Deborah Turner (DCoM), Sidhant Jena (Undergraduate Representative)


Dean Meyer reported on the success of the Library West Commons and described plans to improve other areas of the library.  Students have responded enthusiastically to the new LWC configuration and services; these evaluations have informed planning for the construction of space upstairs, with ten new conference rooms and 50 additional computers.  Partnership with ECE will support access to tutors round-the-clock.  Part of the same general area will be designated space for an LCC writing center.  Such efforts are part of GT’s continuing support for new pedagogies and facilities to support technology-based learning and emphasize partnerships with schools.  The second-floor project will begin construction May 2003 and should be ready by January 2004.


Discussion focused on investing wisely in technology and not losing sight of other educational resources (i.e. books).


The second part of Dean Meyer’s report summarized the Library’s continuing efforts to maintain quality of journal holdings while keeping subscription costs within reasonable bounds.  The Library will survey faculty regarding holdings within their particular disciplines during the spring.  All faculty members are encouraged to complete this web survey.  Surface and electronic mail communications have already been distributed to inform faculty of this process.


Questions from faculty present about the journal survey indicated that the Library and the faculty share an interest in having the best possible journal collection for traditional and emerging research areas to support current curricula.  These needs presents a continuing challenge as the costs of journal subscriptions rise exponentially in some fields.  Dean Meyer indicated that there has been some restructuring of staff responsibility in order to improve user access to databases and journals already held.  He also asked for coordinated input from departments.


Minutes submitted by Carol Colatrella.