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Georgia Tech's student newspaper: The South's Liveliest College Newspaper.

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Note: Issues of the Technique are embargoed in this collection until six months after the date of publication.

Reprinted from the Technique, Vol. 1, No. 1, Nov. 17, 1911:

"This paper is the voice of the student body and the servant of its interests. It is the champion of all causes that will contribute to the development of the institution in numbers, influence and character.

It has been named the Technique, a name that expresses the purpose and nature of the school and paper as well, perhaps, as it can be expressed in a word. For although we desire inspiration with school spirit, and a wealth of life and feeling for every student, yet we desire also the aim of our work and study should not be forgotten. That, with each succeeding issue, the name should become associated with the richest experiences of our college life, with our most intense efforts, and happiest accomplishments — this is the hope of the editors.

For the Technique desires intensely to serve; to express for us our wishes and needs; to increase our school spirit; encourage us in disappointment; congratulate us in success. It desires to make more efficient the management of student enterprises by offering a means of communication between the directors and the workers. It will obviate many meetings that are now necessary and make more effective those that are held.

It wishes to bring the alumni in closer contact with college like and college enterprise; to bring more quickly and solidly their support to our efforts; to make them feel themselves more intimately a part of the school.

In a word, the Technique desires to serve as a timesaver, a conserver of energy and spirit, a power behind every college movement."

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