Displacement Damage and Ionization Effects in Advanced Silicon-Germanium Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors

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Sutton, Akil K.
Cressler, John D.
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A summary of total dose effects observe in advanced Silicon Germanium (SiGe) Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors (HBTs) is presented in this work. The principal driving froces behin the increased use of SiGe BiCMOS technology in space based electronics systems are outlined in the motivation Section of Chapter I. This is followed by a discussion of the strained layer Si/SiGe material structure and relevant fabrication techniques used in the development of the first generation of this technology. A comprehensive description of the device performance is presented. Chapter II presents an overview of radiation physics as it applies to microelectronic devices. Several sources of radiation are discussed including the environments encountered by satellites in different orbital paths around the earth. The particle types, interaction mechanisms and damage nomenclature are described. Proton irradiation experiments to analyze worst case displacement and ionization damage are examined in chapter III. A description of the test conditions is first presented, followed by the experimental results on the observed dc and ac transistor performance metrics with incident radiation. The impact of the collector doping level on the degradation is discussed. In a similar fashion, gamma irradiation experiments to focus on ionization only effects are presented in chapter IV. The experimental design and dc results are first presented, followed by a comparison of degradation under proton irradiation. Additional proton dose rate experiments conducted to further investigate observed differences between proton and gamma results are presented.
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