A Fraud-Prevention Framework for Software Defined Radio Mobile Devices

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Brawerman, Alessandro
Copeland, John A.
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The superior reconfigurability of software defined radio mobile devices has made it one of the most promising technology on the wireless network and in the mobile communication industry. The evolution from a static and rigid system to a highly dynamic environment, which offers many advantages over current systems, has been made possible thanks to the concepts of programmability and reconfigurability introduced by the software defined radio technology and the higher level of flexibility and openness of this technology's devices. Clearly, the software defined radio mobile device's flexibility is a great advantage since the customer is able to use the same device in different parts of the world, with different wireless technologies. Despite the advantages, there are still issues to be discussed regarding security. According to the Software Defined Radio Forum some of the concerns are the radio configuration download, storage and installation, user's privacy, and cloning. To address the SDR Forum concerns a raud-prevention framework is proposed. The framework is composed by new pieces of hardware, new modules and new protocols that together greatly enhance the overall security of software defined radio mobile devices and this new highly dynamic environment. The framework offers security monitoring against malicious attacks and viruses that may affect the configuration data; protects sensitive information through the use of protected storage; creates and protects an identity for the system; employs a secure and efficient protocol for radio configuration download and update; and finally, establishes an anti-cloning scheme, which not only guarantees that no units can be cloned over the air but also elevates the level of difficulty to clone units if the attacker has physical access to those units. Even if cloned units exist, the anti-cloning scheme is able to identify them and deny any service.
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