Designing and Evaluating Meeting Capture and Access Services

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Richter, Heather Anne
Abowd, Gregory D.
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Many work practices consist of repeated discussions among teams of people: status is discussed, decisions are made, alternatives are considered, and details are explained. A large amount of this rich, but informal, information that is generated during these discussions often does not get recorded in formal documentation. Yet this information is later useful for providing additional context, details, and decisions surrounding a project. One of the themes in ubiquitous computing is the capture, integration, and access of everyday activities. By applying automated capture techniques to work activities, we can potentially record a large amount of information for later use, some of which may not otherwise get recorded. Meeting capture has been a common subject of research in the ubiquitous computing community for the past decade. However, the majority of the research has focused on technologies to support the capture but not enough on the motivation for accessing the captured record and the impact on everyday work practices based on extended authentic use of a working capture and access system. In this thesis, we are designing and implementing capture and access prototypes for several domains. We are evaluating these prototypes in realistic use to gain an understanding of the motivations for using these prototypes, the patterns of reviewing meetings, and the effect of capture on the meeting.
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