A Protocol For Efficient Transfer Of Data Over Fiber/Cable Systems

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Sala, Dolors
Mukherjee, Amarnath
Limb, J. O. (John O.)
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A revolution is occurring in the scope and range of information, communication and education services that will be made available to schools, libraries, town-halls, clinics and, most importantly, residences. These services will be provided initially, primarily over hybrid fiber-cable systems, either by telephone companies or cable companies. The old cable plant is being upgraded and used in totally new ways. The topology and physical characteristics of the up-stream channel present new challenges for efficient channel access. We present a media access protocol that efficiently transfers data on this channel. A primary goal in the design was to keep the portion of the protocol resident in the station as simple as possible. Thus we use centralized control located in the cable head-end. A station wishing to transmit sends a request to the hear-end using a contention channel. The head-end acknowledges the request and then schedules the request, informing the station by means of a grant message when to transmit.
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