Eye strain caused by excessive eye use, and using design to relieve it

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Yan, Yunqi
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In recent years, extended use of computers has become more and more often. Due to the technology’s immaturity and lack of humanized eyecare design, visual fatigue affects more and more people. The American Optometric Association calls this computer vision syndrome or digital eyestrain. Based on research, people who look at screens for two or more hours every day have the most significant risk of this condition. The symptoms of eye strain include tired or soreness, burning, and an itchy feeling in the eye area. People might find that they have difficulty focusing, increased sensitivity to light, blurred or double vision, and other sensations of eye discomfort accompanied by headaches. The result of eyestrain may lead to apathy, inability to study or work efficiently, and further trouble people’s life. Research and experts’ feedback show rare validated methods exist recently to provide computer screen users with systematic eyecare-related strategies. Exploring these facts, this project is dedicated to creating a systematic eye protection design to help more and more computer users reduce eye fatigue caused by long-term computer use. All features and functions involved in this design are based on evidence from research.
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