Natural Language Processing with Assemblies of Neurons

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Jung, Seung Je Je
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The Assembly Calculus is a novel framework intended to bridge the gap between the level of neuron and synapses, and that of cognition. The Assembly Calculus is a computational system entailing a basic data item called an assembly, a stable set of neurons explained below; a set of operations that create and manipulate assemblies; and an execution model which is squarely based on basic tenets of neuroscience. Importantly, it allows the creation of biologically plausible, flexible and interpretable programs, enabling one to develop tangible hypotheses on how specific brain functions may work. Here, to help lay groundwork for the creation of algorithms in this framework, we present a natural language processing algorithm to solve the analogy task. Further, to facilitate such experimentation, we present here a tool which in real-time allows the simulation, modification and visualisation of this computational system, including several prepared examples. Lastly, we also present empirical analysis of the capabilities of the assembly calculus to store information in brain areas.
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Undergraduate Thesis
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