LoCoL: Encouraging Social Interaction and Exploration Through a Distributed, Multi-Media, Location-Based Mobile Game

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Patel, Shwetak Naran
Kientz, Julie A.
Zagal, José Pablo
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We present a mobile collector card game called LoCoL, which uses a GPS-enabled mobile phone with a built-in camera to collect, trade, and create digital artifacts from landmarks and places that players have visited. When a player carrying the phone with LoCoL enabled passes within a half-mile radius of a landmark, he or she collects a "card" for that location. Players may then trade with other co-located players to try and build a large collection of unique cards from places they have been or places their acquaintances have been. Additionally, if they discover new, interesting landmarks, they may share it with others by taking a picture with their phone's built-in camera and submit the location to the game as a new card which others may collect. There is an element of competition in that players compete worldwide to collect the highest number of unique cards or the most number of approved cards submitted. We hope to encourage players to learn about and explore new, interesting locations and promote social interaction by allowing users to trade cards and initiate conversations as a result of the game.
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