Using Spatial Structure in the Associative Retrieval of 2-D Line Drawings

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Yaner, Patrick W.
Goel, Ashok K.
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We consider the problem of associative image retrieval, focusing on retrieval of 2-D line drawings by example. We represent 2-D line drawings as semantic networks of spatial elements and relations among them. We describe a process for retrieving the drawings based on a structural analogy between the query and the stored images. We then present several methods of retrieving the drawings: the first family methods uses logical unification and resolution to accomplish the matching; the second family of methods heuristically prunes the stored drawings and then does the resolution and unification on the remaining drawings; two more methods treat the retrieval problem as a constraint satisfaction problem and use common CSP techniques for solving it; and the last two methods combine the heuristic step of the second method with the CSP technique of the third and fourth. We report on experimental results that compare the performance of these methods on computer-based libraries of drawings. A surprising result of our work is that for the fastest of these methods two stage retrieval appeared to offer no benefit over one stage retrieval.
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