“Kenne Mich” Podcast Series

Episode 1: Family Ties. This episode uncovers the impact of familiar relationships for Afro-Germans and black people in Germany, specifically analyzing the relationship with one’s African heritage and how it effects their sense of community and self. Episode 2: Friendship and Dating. This episode highlights how Afro-Germans and black people in Germany create friendships and attempt to date while living in Germany, while also uncovering the negative aspects of friendship and dating as an Afro-German and black person in Germany. Episode 3: Education. This episode explores the experiences of Afro-Germans and black people in Germany in the German School System, as well as an analysis of the education on African heritage and colonization in the German school system. Episode 4: The “Nod”. This episode focuses on if and how Afro-Germans and black people in Germany recognize each other within spaces that are predominately white, whether verbal, physical, or other means of communication. Episode 5: Social Media. The episode uncovers what social media applications and platforms best serve the Afro-German and black community in Germany in creating a sense of community, and how they are using these platforms to create more space for themselves. Episode 6: Popular Culture. This episode highlights prominent figures and organizations in the Afro-German community, including but not limited to politicians, social media influencers, musicians, celebrities, nonprofits, and networks. Episode 7: Identity. This episode analyzes what it means to be Afro-German or black in Germany, expanding the understanding of this identity.
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