Use of a Conceptual Sizing Tool for Conceptual Design of Tactical Missiles (U)

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Frits, Andrew P.
Fleeman, Eugene L.
Mavris, Dimitri N.
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This paper illustrates the use of a conceptual sizing tool for the design of tactical missiles. The sizing tool, called the Tactical Missile Design (TMD) spreadsheet, was developed to allow the user to quickly generate estimates of a missile configuration?s performance and other measures of merit such as lethality. This capability allows the user to get a first order estimate of a missile?s ability to meet a set of requirements and allows for fast trade-studies to quickly identify the performance drivers of a system. In order to generate reasonable estimates for missile range and speed, a sizing tool must have analysis methods for aerodynamics, propulsion, weight, and trajectory. In order for the sizing tool to remain useful for conceptual tradeoffs, these analyses must be robust enough to handle a wide range of inputs, yet simple enough to be executed quickly. The analysis methods were constructed with these requirements in mind. The aerodynamics analysis is based upon several physics-derived analytical expressions as outlined in the text ?Tactical Missile Design? by Eugene Fleeman. Propulsion uses a simplified cycle analysis to relate engine parameters (maximum inlet temperature, fuel heating value, expansion ratio) to overall specific impulse (Isp). The propulsion analysis can handle either air-breathing and solid-rocket systems, or a combination thereof. For trajectory, a constant flight path is assumed, with a boost, cruise, and coast phase. These straightforward analysis methods combine to produce a very powerful, yet robust, conceptual missile design tool. The paper first lays out the analysis methods, assumptions, and limitations in the Tactical Missile Design spreadsheet. Next, a comparison is made between the results of the TMD spreadsheet and the performance of historical missile systems. In addition, the paper explores some example trade studies to identify the drivers of a rocket and a ramjet missile system. Finally, the TMD spreadsheet is used to show how easily a tactical missile can be optimized at the conceptual level.
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