Prevention and Reversal of Chronic Disease: Lessons Learned

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Kostoff, Ronald N.
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For a decade, our research group has been developing protocols to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. The present monograph outlines the lessons we have learned from both conducting the studies and identifying common patterns in the results. The main product of our studies is a five-step treatment protocol to reverse any chronic disease, based on the following systemic medical principle: at the present time, removal of cause is a necessary, but not necessarily sufficient, condition for restorative treatment to be effective. Implementation of the five-step treatment protocol is as follows: Step 1: Obtain a detailed medical and habit/exposure history from the patient. Step 2: Administer written and clinical performance and behavioral tests to assess the severity of symptoms and performance measures. Step 3: Administer laboratory tests (blood, urine, imaging, etc) Step 4: Eliminate ongoing contributing factors to the chronic disease Step 5: Implement treatments for the chronic disease This individually-tailored chronic disease treatment protocol can be implemented with the data available in the biomedical literature now. It is general and applicable to any chronic disease that has an associated substantial research literature (with the possible exceptions of individuals with strong genetic predispositions to the disease in question or who have suffered irreversible damage from the disease). To prevent any chronic disease, eliminate those contributing factors that serve as a basis for Step 4.
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