Cyber Science: The Third Frontier

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Johnson-Bey, Charles
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Over the last several decades Data Security became Information Security which then rolled into Cyber Security. All along this journey cyber has become defined as “Us versus Them”; electronic cyber-attack and cyber-defense illustrates the current entire domain of Cyber Security. Significant investment has gone into protecting networks, training staff to operate expensive architecture, and ultimately changing how business operations are conducted. Attacks are common place and resources in high demand. However, much of these capabilities required the development of unique methods to deal with chaotic information, to pick up subtle data changes, and to fine tune networks and computer systems. There is a possibility of expanding these capabilities from a two-tier war fighting model (Cyber Defense and Cyber Offense) over to a new third tier, Cyber Science. This enables cyber capabilities to provide profit back to a business instead of being a sunk cost (re. insurance policy of sorts). We envision a near future that allows Cyber engineering to build new solutions that aren’t mired in “Us versus Them” but is used for the betterment of society. These take the form of new quantum-based data structures, new approaches to biologic science analytics, new ways to connect the worlds of IOT, MTM, and humans, and more. We explore where this makes sense and highlight a possible way to engage cyber engineering groups into a profit center.
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