Why Are There So Few Female Faculty Members in Several STEM Fields? What Needs To Be Done?

Since 2009 women have received a majority of the doctoral degrees granted by U.S. institutions.In several scientific fields women have made great strides, whereas in a number of STEM areas the progress has been substantially slower.ln 2017 women received 53% of the doctorates in Biological and Agricultural Sciences and 70% in the Health and Medical Sciences.In contrast, women earned only 23% of the doctorates in engineering, 25% in mathematics and computer sciences, and 34% in the physical and earth sciences.Over the years, the percentage of tenure-line female faculty members in the physical sciences, engineering and mathematics has remained low. Findings from an analysis of the responses to surveys and site visit discussions that involved over 1200 administrators, chemistry and chemical engineering faculty members, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows will be discussed.The hiring rate of female faculty members and factors contributing to their career choices will also be addressed.
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