High performance triboelectric nanogenerator and its applications

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Wu, Changsheng
Wang, Zhong Lin
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Fundamental performance-limiting factors of triboelectric nanogenerator were studied and various strategies, such as the optimization of materials, structures and operation environment, were investigated to enhance its electrical outputs. Furthermore, the application of triboelectric nanogenerator in three major fields, including micro/nano power sources, self-powered sensors, and direct high voltage power sources, was explored. Self-powered electrically-assisted transdermal drug delivery driven by biomechanical motions was demonstrated for non-invasive, on-demand drug administration with feedback control. Self-powered wireless optical transmission of mechanical agitation signals was proposed to solve the issue of power supply for optical wireless communications. Smart keyboard with active pressure sensing was developed for keystroke dynamics-based cyber security. The high voltage of triboelectric nanogenerator was successfully applied to drive field emission of electrons and electrohydrodynamic jet printing, with unique merits of low cost, enhanced safety and portability. With solid understanding of both the fundamentals and applications, a roadmap is proposed for the research and commercialization of triboelectric nanogenerator in the next 10 years. This work not only provides insights and solutions for developing high performance triboelectric nanogenerator, but also broadens its application in a variety of multidisciplinary fields that have a huge impact on people’s daily life in the era of Internet of Things.
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