Development and implementation of a decision support tool for the Atlanta Beltline: final report

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Ross, Catherine L.
Elliot, Michael
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The Beltline Tax Allocation Advisory Committee (TADAC) together with the Atlanta Beltline Inc. (ABI) contracted with the Georgia Tech Center for Quality Growth and Regional Development and its partners from Georgia Tech and Cambridge Systematics to develop a tool in support of systematic decision‐making for the Beltline. The decision support tool (DST) is designed to help guide TADAC, Atlanta BeltLine Inc., and stakeholders in process and program decisions, clarify and enumerate the goals, objectives, and vision for the BeltLine, and allow scenarios to be compared on their ability to effectively and equitably realize that vision. It provides a means of measuring both baseline conditions throughout the BeltLine and potential impacts of new development on those baseline conditions. The BeltLine is Atlanta’s most ambitious redevelopment project, directly impacting approximately seven percent of the land in the city and encompassing thousands of new homes, businesses, and public facilities, new parks and trails, transit service, and new or redesigned streets and sidewalks. The enabling legislation for the BeltLine requires these changes to be evaluated through a DST. The DST will integrate physical, environmental, and socioeconomic information to establish priorities, evaluate scenarios, establish accountability, and estimate likely impacts of the BeltLine implementation. The DST is designed to provide an objective and consistent way to test decisions against the BeltLine vision and goals, and to evaluate decisions on their alignment with the interests of all stakeholders, as expressed in this vision and goals. This document presents the Final Report for Phase I of the DST development project. This report describes the background for the project, outlines the framework and development of the DST model, explains the working of the model, and provides details as to its upkeep and management. It documents and provides guidance as to the use and maintenance of the model.
Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
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