A Low-cost and flexible platform for global asset monitoring

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Myers, Eric Jonathan
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Conventional approaches to asset monitoring involve high-priced sensors paired with a dedicated radio. These implementations work well when dealing with high-valued property but are not economically viable when the value of the asset approaches the cost of monitoring. Alternative low-cost connectivity solutions, such as IoT, assume the presence of an internet access point which may not be a given for remote locations. These solutions cannot accommodate locations with sparse connectivity and low-cost assets; thus, creating a communication gap. The research proposed suggests the implementation of a low-cost and intelligent sensor ecosystem which utilizes a Bluetooth based delay-tolerant network. The network functions by leveraging the hardware and internet access of smart devices to bridge the gap between the cloud and devices without internet connection. The hardware for Bluetooth is low-cost and energy efficient, which is crucial for applications that would not otherwise be economically viable. By consolidating core aspects of the platform technology into a compact and flexible module, new and preexisting designs can readily incorporate delay tolerant network into their systems. Only specific application-based circuitry needs to be implemented externally, which can offload the burden of complex or sensitive design. These provisions can dramatically reduce development time and cost. The network can be made more robust, by incorporating secondary network structures, such as GSM, to work in tandem granting communication flexibility.
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