Decay, Maintenance and Repair Symposium - Session Three

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Brown, Joe
Frost, J. David
Usselman, Steven W.
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Joe Brown - TITLE: "Reliability and Resilience: Drinking Water Infrastructure in Rural Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and Pakistan". This presentation describes nationalscale surveys of rural drinking water supplies in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Mozambique, with a focus on service reliability, resilience, and equity across multiple dimensions. In at least three countries, water source type was a determinant of service reliability, regular tariff payments were linked with reduced reliability, and the number of water sources households used was negatively associated with reliability. We will discuss implications for development of drinking water infrastructure in low-income settings.
David Frost - TITLE: "Infrastructure Failure: Addressing Resilience During Reconstruction". Civil infrastructure is being increasingly challenged by extreme events. These events include natural primary events such as earthquake, hurricanes and tsunami as well as cascading secondary events such as rainfall-induced landslides and debris flows in areas previously impacted by events such as earthquakes and fires. Irrespective of their specific cause, there is increasing demand to address resilience and sustainability during post-event reconstruction due to the central role of civil infrastructure in human existence. This presentation will illustrate different approaches taken after several major extreme events to illustrate how intersecting technical, cultural and political factors impact decisions.
Steve Usselman - TITLE: "Can Maintenance Persist?: Reflections on IBM and the Pennsylvania Railroad"
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