Modifying and Extending the Geodesign Framework for Eco Campus Design Project

Geodesign is a theory proposed by Carl Steinitz in 2012 to integrate the scientific complexity and the participation of stakeholders into design profession in different types of projects. The framework of geodesign is a prototype methodology, so applying the framework to specific types of project requires to modify or extend to the framework since the characteristics of the project and the application of the new techniques. This paper reviews the geodesign theory and modifies and extends the framework for the eco college campus design project. This paper recognizes the design and research in the 2018 GT Shenzhen Campus workshop, which is to design a net-zero energy college campus, as a case and provide research outcome of the campus design project. The paper studies the application of the implementation of the representation, process, evaluation, change, and impact models in the geodesign framework and the interaction between each model. By studying the anticipatory, participatory, and constraining models in the workshop, the paper demonstrates the differentiation of the interaction between change models and the other models and recommends two modifications for the geodesign framework: changing the role of the traditional geospatial and specifying the research based on the change model applied. The first modification is for all the change models, while the second modification is for the models with certainty. The paper also discusses the introduction of the new model—parametric model. By indicating the benefits and pitfalls of the parametric model, the paper specifies it from the community level to the campus level, also proposes to integrate the model with the energy modeling after researching the energy consumption preliminarily. The modification and the extension proposed by the paper can be applied to design projects similar to the scenario of eco college campus design.
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