Resilient Black Neighborhoods in Urban Environments Through Effective Community Planning

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Woods, Gloria
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This report is broken into two areas: a discussion of the neglect and needs of Black neighborhoods;; and propose ways to improve and revitalize Black neighborhoods through an Atlanta case study, Bankhead. The term resilient, in Creating Resilient Black Neighborhoods in Urban Environments, relates to having the ability to spring back from difficult conditions. Many Black neighborhoods in America are not resilient due the historical racism and inequality. These neighborhoods have been disenfranchised and neglected by American society throughout history due to racial covenants like urban renewal and segregation. A general problem with this study is the information is not new, but many people choose to ignore it. My report breaks down the racism into planning areas where ideas and solutions can be created. And the end of the report will bring together the planning strategies and best practices for more resilient Black neighborhoods in a redevelopment case study for Bankhead. In this case study, I will discuss the weaknesses, strengthens, and opportunities within Bankhead and provide recommendations for future conservation and economic development.
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