Planning for Local Agency Transportation Asset Management An Analysis of Knowledge and Resource Shortcomings within Local Georgia Agencies

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Mildner, Caitlin
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Many local cities and counties lack the tools, resources, guidance, and funding necessary to effectively and efficiently manage transportation assets. Local Governments (LGs) in the United States are currently managing the majority of Georgia's roadway miles, bridges, and other critical transportation infrastructure (1). As population growth, demographic shifts, and other changes occur throughout Georgia, there is an increasing need to build and preserve transportation infrastructure that will support new growth and demand. This research analyzes the systematic approaches that local Georgia agencies use to manage transportation infrastructure. The following research includes a literature review that explores current transportation asset management (TAM) practices at federal, state, and local levels. Additionally, the research integrates a survey that was conducted to gather information directly from local Georgia counties and cities. The goal of this research is to use the information gathered from the literature review and survey to identify knowledge and resource gaps relating to transportation asset management (TAM) and propose actionable recommendations for improvements to existing transportation management specifically targeted for local Georgia agencies. This research will be predominantly focused on delivering recommendations for cost-saving opportunities, efficient resource allocation techniques, and maximization of organizational structure.
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