Prevention and reversal of Alzheimer's disease: treatment protocol

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Kostoff, Ronald N.
Porter, Alan L.
Buchtel, Henry A.
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This monograph presents a five-step treatment protocol to prevent and reverse Alzheimer's Disease (AD), based on the following systemic medical principle: at the present time, removal of cause is a necessary, but not necessarily sufficient, condition for restorative treatment to be effective. The five treatment protocol steps are as follows: Step 1 - obtain a detailed medical and habit/exposure history from the patient; Step 2 - administer written and clinical performance and behavioral tests to assess the severity of the higher-level symptoms and degradation of executive functions; Step 3 - administer laboratory tests (blood, urine, imaging, etc.); Step 4 - eliminate ongoing AD contributing factors; Step 5 - implement AD treatments. This individually-tailored AD treatment protocol can be implemented with the data available in the biomedical literature presently. Additionally, while the methodology developed for this study was applied to AD, it is general and applicable to any chronic disease that, like AD, has an associated substantial research literature. Thus, the protocol and methodology we have developed to prevent or reverse AD can be used to prevent or reverse any chronic disease (with the possible exceptions of individuals with strong genetic predispositions to the disease in question or who have suffered irreversible damage from the disease).***NOTE***There are four files in this record. Presently, they are located in the left column of this Web page listed under the heading View/Open. MONOGRAPH_FINAL.pdf contains the monograph narrative; FIGURES_FINAL.xlsx contains the figures from the monograph in Excel spreadsheet format; SUPPLEMENTARY_FINAL.pdf contains supplementary bibliography and queries; and README.pdf is the ReadMe file. The two data files are referenced in the monograph as either "(see file FIGURES_FINAL.xlsx)" or "(see file SUPPLEMENTARY_FINAL.pdf)".
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