Integrated architecture analysis and technology evaluation for systems of systems modeled at the subsystem level

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Trent, Douglas James
Mavris, Dimitri N.
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A lack of knowledge during conceptual design results in two primary challenges: overruns in cost and schedule due to frequent design changes and combinatorial explosion of alternatives due to large, discrete categorical design spaces. Due to the significant impact subsystem-level technologies have on the cost and schedule of a design, they should be considered during the conceptual design of systems of systems in an effort to reduce this lack of knowledge. To integrate architecture analysis and technology evaluation at the subsystem level, several questions and hypotheses are posed during a discussion of a general concept exploration process to guide the development of a new framework. The Dynamic Rocket Equation Tool (DYREQT) and a collection of subsystem-level in-space transportation models were developed to provide a modeling and simulation environment capable of producing the necessary data for experimentation. DYREQT provides the capability to integrate user-developed subsystem models for space transportation architecture analysis and design. Results from the experiments led to conclusions which guided the definition of the Integrated Architecture and Technology Exploration (IntegrATE) framework. This new framework enables integrated architecture analysis and technology evaluation at the subsystem level in an effort to increase design knowledge during the conceptual design process. IntegrATE provides flexibility such that it can be tailored to a wide range of problems. It also provides a high degree of transparency throughout to help reduce the likelihood of bias towards individual architectures or technologies. Finally, the IntegrATE framework and DYREQT were demonstrated on a notional manned Mars 2033 design study to highlight the utility of these new developments.
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