Eraser: An Exploit - Specific Monitor to Prevent Malicious Communication Channel

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Singh, Abhishek
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Prevention of malicious communication channel has been an important issue in building secure networked systems. Malicious Communication channel can be established by using header fields which follow particular semantics or by using data fields, which do not follow any particular semantics. There have been many research directions to prevent the malicious flow of information in the header fields. This paper presents the design of a system which has been designed to prevent he malicious covert channel using data fields. The proposed system consists of two parts. The first part is an E-Firewall. The E-firewall runs on the end hosts, while the eraser runs at the Gateway. Eraser is a rule or policy based system, which checks for the malicious content in the payload. Besides storing the test metrics of the applications, the E-Firewall also stores the dependencies amongst the applications. This storage of dependencies offers incremental advantage over the existing firewall by providing information about the flow of information amongst the applications inside the E-firewall.
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