Design and Evaluation of the Flexible PDMS Microfluidic Diaphragm Pump with Check-Valve

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Kim, Soo
Sulchek, Todd A.
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Microfluidic pumps in the field of medicine have several applications, including cell separation, microanalysis array, and drug delivery. Among these applications, the pump’s usage for drug delivery requires flow-in-one-direction. Previous attempts for this used standardized check valve from retail store, but this creates complexity in manufacturing and inconsistency of data acquiring due to the failure of manufacture. This thesis is focused on the design and fabrication of flexible micro check valve that can integrate with PDMS microfluidic pump. Both micro check valve and microfluidic channel were fabricated using replica molding, machining, and standard PDMS mixtures. Then, integrated micro pump was studied with compression test to see the performance relative to the result from pump with standardized check valve. Results indicates that integration of PDMS check valve and microfluidic channel is as effective as the one from previous research but there is room for improvement on overall design for integration. The future successful completion of the integration will serve crucial part of this project and can be further developed for drug delivery
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Undergraduate Thesis
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