Planning for Earthquake Resilience in Heritage Settlements of Kathmandu Valley: A case of Bungamati

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Silwal, Deepti
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This research aims to understand what urban upgrading for disaster resilience looks like in the reconstruction process of traditional settlements in Kathmandu. The research intends to find an answer to: What does well being mean in heritage settlements and how does resilience planning ensure well being in a disaster prone heritage settlement? The study will combine empirical research and theoretical exploration on vulnerability and resilience at the intersection of communityメs well being and spatial connection (urban form, infrastructure systems) and governance (institution and social capital). More specifically, the study takes Bungamati as a generalizable case for a heritage settlement of Kathmandu valley. Currently, モRebuilding Bungamatiヤ- the reconstruction planning for Bungamati is underway which includes an action plan, community participation and mobilization procedures and socio economic survey. The research will assess this rebuilding process and plan based on the conceptual framework developed to evaluate if モRebuilding Bungamatiヤ is better or worse in i) safeguarding the place identity ii) reducing vulnerability while ensuring resilience and better health and well being of its residents. It is equally important to make the analyses for the overall urban upgrading of heritage settlements i.e. with the lens of sustainability while making sure that the upgraded settlement has well functioning systems prepared for next major earthquake. Therefore, the knowledge gained out of the study might extend to useful application in formulating strategies for rebuilding as an outcome as well as process to heal the trauma of 2015 earthquake and build confidence to coexist with the inevitable earthquake events in future. Although, Bungamati is taken as typology, the research will try to identify the potential contextual distinctions between heritage settlements for more effective applicability.
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