Bridging the Gap An Analysis of the Spatial Mismatch Hypothesis and Social Service and Affordable Housing Accessibility

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De Leon, David
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Given the relationship between transportation and community development, how do these aspects of planning factor into the affordable housing - accessibility narrative? This paper will discuss how transportation can provide better access to the social services needed by those eligible for affordable housing, which can help such individuals more easily obtain affordable housing. The spatial mismatch hypothesis ヨ which is used to describe the disconnect between De Leon 3 low-income households and job opportunities ヨwill also be used as a theoretical basis to present this intersection of these planning issues. This paper will extend the hypothesis to include access to social services as an equally important component in the accessibility narrative. After a review of the spatial mismatch and social service accessibility literature, this paper will examine the extent to which this issue is present within several neighborhoods in Atlanta. In doing so, this paper seeks to provide recommendations on how improved transit options can lessen the burden that low-income residents have in accessing social services, and thus affordable housing options overall.
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