Modeling and Inquiry Learning Application: An Exploration of Spatial Simulations in an Inquiry Learning Application

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Hartman, Taylor
Goel, Ashok
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Modeling and simulation is a common technique to explore phenomena in ecology without having to spend an enormous amount of time with data collection and waiting on an ecosystem to develop. The practice of simulating an ecological phenomenon requires a good amount of practice and ability in scripting and programming. A lack of knowledge in the domain of computer modeling and simulation makes creating a working model and simulation of an ecological phenomenon difficult. The MILA system helps to bridge this difficulty by combining a conceptual modeler with a simulator. The research presented in this work expands on the MILA system to add a spatial simulation component to the conceptual modeller and the simulation compiler to provide further flexibility for users of this system. This thesis also provides an exploration of the changes needed to make to be able to simulate phenomenon in any domain beyond ecology.
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Undergraduate Thesis
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