System And Method For Communication Using Noise

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Disclosed is a noise communication system and method. The noise communication system comprises a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter indexes through at least two noise records which comprise a series of randomly generated samples, the noise records being divided into noise segments, to maintain a current noise segment for each noise record. The transmitter modulates a predefined base signal using the segments of the noise records to represent the symbols of the base signal. In modulating the predefined base signal, the transmitter replaces the respective symbols of the base signal with the current noise segments from the noise records, thereby generating a noise signal in which the symbols can not be discerned. The noise signal is transmitted across a communications channel to the receiver which demodulates the noise signal into the base signal. The demodulation employs a number of correlators that equals the number of noise records employed at the transmitter. The receiver includes logic to index through the noise records in a similar manner to the transmitter to produce the current noise segments. Each correlator performs a multiplication function between a current noise segment from the noise record assigned to the correlator and the received segments of the noise signal which reveals a peak output when the segments match. The base signal is recreated by incorporating the symbol indicated by the noise record for which a match was experienced.
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