Pneumatic Aerodynamic Force-augmentation, Control And Drag-reduction Devices For Racing Cars And High-performance Sports Cars

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A preferred embodiment of the present invention, a blowing system for high performance vehicles, comprises a source of compressed air and a mechanism for regulating and controlling the flow of air from the source. Referring to FIG. 2, the compressed air is routed from its source through the regulating mechanism and to an aerodynamic surface (17) attached to the automobile in any appropriate manner. Although not required, the present system could be augmented by placing a plenum (21) inside the aerodynamic surface (17) for collecting the compressed air. This aerodynamic surface (17) preferably has a rounded trailing edge (19) or edges. The compressed air will be discharged from the aerodynamic surface (17) through a slot (22) in an outer surface of the aerodynamic surface (17). Preferably, the slot (22) would be on an under-side of a rear portion of the aerodynamic surface (17). However, the presence of a second slot on an upper-side of a rear portion of the aerodynamic surface (17) may also be desirable. The tangentially ejected air will then attach to the aerodynamic surface and sweep around the rounded trailing edge (19). Flow across the aerodynamic surface will be entrained, and a greater lift force will be generated, which may be directed either upward (lift) or as a download. Control of drag and aerodynamic moments will also result. In another aspect of the present invention, as in FIG. 6, the effect of the blown aerodynamic surface (62) could be enhanced through a blowing system for vertical end plates (52) at both ends of the aerodynamic surface (62). Compressed air is discharged through slots (54) in the end plates (52). The air will entrain the flow coming from the trailing edge of the aerodynamic surface (62) and enhance the down force. In a further improvement to the present invention, the compressed air discharge slots (67) may be arranged along the rear lower surface of the vehicle's body, which is curved upward to convert the lower body to an aerodynamic surface for download and control moment generation.
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